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    Adobe ID CS5.5 changes the size of my images on HTML export

    Paeon Level 1


      In using InDesign CS5, when you export images to Dreamweaver, the images exported will retain their pixel dimensions if the Formatted box is checked. So if I place a hi res image inside a frame that is 700px by 200px, I will get an image that is 700px by 200px.


      CS5.5 doesn't have Formatted. Instead it has a "Preserve Appearance from Layout" button. But when I click this, the image that gets exported is sized up to more than double the width and height.


      This kind of sucks because I use this method to export all the media from a print pub to a web site, and the beauty of CS5.5 is that I can cull the alt text at the same time. You don't have that option in CS5.


      What is the solution, besides exporting the images twice...once in CS5 for the correct size and again in CS5.5 to get the alt text?