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    InDesign I/O bound doing nothing?


      I am new to Indesign!

      CS5.5 with InDesign on Windows 7 SP1 with 12GB of memory.

      In the process of type-setting a book (I was a FrameMaker user before, I finaly upgraded to software from this century ).  So far I only have 4 chapters (under 100 pages and 20MB of .indd files), a table of content, and an "end-note" section (Chapter with end-notes for all other chapters).  I used the information from http://blogs.adobe.com/indesigndocs/2009/03/endnotes_in_indesign_cs4.html to implement the "end-note" chapter, a bit tedious but it appeared to work until...


      When I try to start InDesign, either via a specific chapter .indd or via the book .indb, InDesign starts consuming about 50% of a CPU Core, and doing 4-5MB I/O read per second - it is not using much memory, just about 100MB.  The UI freezes and it just keeps doing I/Os for hours...  It has now read more than my whole disk! 

      When I use explorer to look at the directory with my files, I see a file being created and deleted over and over and over

      The file has the name of my "end-node" chapter with "r~4zf9km" added at the end.  It is a .idlk file (Some kind of lock).


      How do I recover my work?