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    "application in use" problem Flash 11 installation


      Dear Adobe employees or dedicated forum members


      I've been struggling with the installation of Flash 11 for over 2 hours by now. I'm trying to install Flash 11 on my Windows 7 x64 system.


      At 50% of the installation progress i get the following message: "application already in use".


      With this I've tried almost every possible solution found on this forum and other forums to try and solve this widouth luck.

      I have tried the following solutions:

      - uninstalling of Flash 10 (what I can't install anymore too by the way) with the Adobe uninstall tool.

      - Deleting Flash folders.

      - Rebooting the computer.

      - Closing all the programs that are running in the background (even Windows Explorer).

      - Direct download Flash 11 64 bit installer. (Activating the direct install application i get the following plain error message pop-up)


      - Tried installing with my main browser (Firefox) and Windows Explorer 9.

      - All the settings of both browsers are set to allow ActiveX and Java-script.

      - Tried all the install applications found on this forum x64 and x32.


      Here are 2 pictures showing the procceses of my computer at start up. I have closed the nonessential ones at setup like firefox.exe and stuff.




      Can anyone help solve this problem? It kinda sucks to lack the ability of watching 90% of the videoclips on the internet and alot of sites.