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    change authorization in DigitalEditions

    pjuresteel Level 1

      Hi knowing folks,


      running Digital Editions on Windows 7 / 64, I authorized my digital editions using the wrong Adobe ID. Now I'd like to know, how to change the ID for an already authorized D.E.? I already deinstalled the program, cleaned registry, deleted any entry containing 'Digital Edition', reinstalled: always end up with the old, wrong ID being used, thus not allowing reading my ebooks with that edition.


      Any clue?


      Thanks in advance,


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          I'm not exactly a knowing person

          However, I found information on changing the Authorized Adobe ID on a website a couple of days ago, when looking for something else. The person giving the details seems to know what he's talking about if you poke around the site.


          http://ebookreadersoftware.wordpress.com/2010/10/27/how-to-change-the-authorized-adobe-id/ http://



          I think I'd give it a whirl. Good luck.



          Edit:- I'm having a problem getting the link to post properly, but it will take you to the site. The topic you want is listed on the right-hand side.



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            pjuresteel Level 1



            These links (both to the same target) did it! Just pressing CTRL + SHIFT + D in DE (Win7) lead to the de-authorization and thus enabled a re-authorization with a different account. Now I can read the books I got also with the DE installed on this pc - fine!


            It seems, there is no chance, having DE using two different accounts simultaneously, is there?


            Thank you a lot,


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              mowzer1945 Level 1

              Great to hear this works well. I shall bear it in mind if I need to use it myself.



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                HomeOmar Level 1

                Hi all, I did the same steps but now I can't even read the book that previously read because now it is associated with no ID.


                Does anybody can help me?

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                  sjpt Level 4

                  Hi, HomeOmar.  You have picked up on a very old thread, but never mind ...

                  I am afraid you may be stuck. 

                  Below is a bit more information about issues with running without ID, but I'm afraid it will may just confirm your problem


                  If you want to describe exactly what you have done and what isn't working,

                  I suggest you start a new thread and someone may be able to help.



                  This is a vicious trap that Adobe lays for unsuspecting customers.

                  When you register 'without ID', ADE creates an anonymous/implicit ID with limited powers (eg can't be used to share with other devices).

                  Whenever you first load a DRM book, that copy of the book is associated with whatever ID the computer is registered to at the time.

                  Any book you load while this anonymous ID is active gets associated with that ID, and can't be read on any other device.

                  When you properly register your computer with a real ID, that old anonymous ID is lost.

                  Now you don't have any devices that can read the book.


                  The only way I know round this is to use a DRM stripper such as epubee BEFORE you deauthorize the device.

                  I do NOT advocate using such code to get around the valid limitations placed on a DRM book.

                  However, where the problem arises only because of the ineptness of Adobe's ADEPT DRM infrastructure and its implementation,

                  such a measure is totally justifiable.