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    Time Lapse Troubles...


      Hey guys,

           I'm a student and am getting into some more serious editing. I've been working on a snowboarding edit for this season however am having some troubles with my timelapse.


                          - Ok to start I would like to clarify, what would be the best program to create and edit a time lapse?

                                          I have photoshop cs5.5 extended, along with premiere pro and after effects.


                         - My next question is if Photoshop is the case, why is my sequence exporting in such a low quality?

                                         Basically I upload my 2500 11 MP pictures with a frame rate of 59.94 and an exporting settings of:



                                        After an hour of exporting I get a low quality 13 Mb mp4? Such as:



                                                                              (I did do HD cropping 1920 by 1080 px)


                          - What would be the best exporting settings for the work flow?

                                   I have tried multiple file types however the only file that had relatively good quality was the .MOV. From my understanding that was just because they are not compressed files and                              the fact the final out put was 17 GB. I figured I would use an mp4 H.264 because that is what my camera (GoPro HD Hero 2) records in, and i figured that it would be the best format                              for later editing in premiere pro so it fits together. long story short what would be the best file output, for high quality and later editing.


                          -What is the difference between the multiple .mp4 file types etc.

                                    For example in the video settings menu of the exporting settings there is Mp4 then Mp4 (ISMA) and then basic, improved, H.264 and so on.





      I believe thats about everything. Thank you so much ahead of time. I Apreciate it verry much. Thanks