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    Title Card is Blank at Beginning of Video?




      With the past few videos I've created lately in Adobe Premiere Elements 7, I start the video with a few words on a title card before it launches into video/voiceovers, etc.


      However, after I export the video and upload it to the "channel" we use to stream our videos, when played back, the beginning title card either doesn't show the text at all or shows it for a half-second and then the screen goes black before the video starts properly. The rest of the video and title cards work just fine. It's just the beginning title cards taht don't show up.


      Any suggestions on how to fix it? I've tried deleting and recreating the card, recreating the entire video, created the card in Photoshop and inserted it as an image... but nothing seems to fix it.



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          Welcome to the forum.


          As a test, go to the New Icon in the Project Panel, and choose Black Media. This will be created at the Duration, that is set in Edit Preferences, but that does not matter. In the Project Panel, Dbl-click on that new Black Media, to open it in the Source Monitor. There, set the Out Point to the 02 sec. mark. Now, drag that 02 sec. Black Video to the front of the Timeline, and in the Video Track with your Title. Everything else shoudl Ripple, to accommodate that 02 sec.of Black Video. Then, just add a Cross-dissolve to the junction between the Black Video and the Title. Export/Share and test. Does that get you the full Duration of your Title?


          Good luck, and please report,



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