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    DV capture.  Video is beautiful, audio has frequent/intermittent drop-outs

    David Yopp

      I'm pulling out my old DV tapes to capture them and save to Blu-ray disk, as some of them are now north of 10 years old (get nervous time)


      I'm running Prem5.5 and I'm noticing that during capture, the audio has frequent drops.  When I listen to the audio directly from the camera, it sounds fine.  During capture, I continue to get small, one to two frame "drop-outs."


      I've tried new cables, and I've changed out three different DV playback devices, all with the same result.


      I've also noticed that when I place the captured video on the timeline and zoom down to frame-by-frame level, I can actually see the "blank" frames of audio where the dropout occured.


      Anyone else experienced this?  Any workarounds?