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    How do I get a perfectly clear final product with AE when converting to Swf for a website?


      I seem to have trouble getting my compositions to come out looking the same in swf format  as in AE . I recently made an animation of 950px by 358 px , it looked perfect in AE , I rendered it off to QT .Mov format as I am aware there's no or minimal  compression , then converted it using Wondershare video converter . the resolution size was exactly the same but the quality was poor ! what am I doing wrong ?


      When rendering what are the best settings to have on a new composition .. hdv etc  ? what's the best pixal ratio setting and how do I work it out to get optimal results for future projects or different sizes!


      Im using AE 5.5 .. if this is any use , not had chance to got through any new feautures yet .. as was previously using Cs4 and was aware the export to Swf direct was poor ! Has this been improved at all ?


      Thanks All for any help/advice you may have on something that litterally bugs the helll out of me . would lov to get it nailed once and for all !