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    Adobe EPUB


      I belong to my local public library. One of the services available to a library patron (the user) is ebooks.

      I have an iPad2 which can be used as and ebook reader. In order to download books the user is required to download Overdrive Media Console. Next, the user is required to establish and Adobe account before downloading Adobe EPUB books that are available from the catalogue at the library. I complied.

      I borrowed several ebooks. When I was reading the books I had the applications “hang” and the next book page did not load on my iPad. I got a blank screen with the “loading” icon flashing for 15 minutes.

      To solve the problem I uninstalled the Overdrive Media Console application, then reinstalled it. Next I re-authorized my Adobe account—as required by the applications. Then I accessed my library account and downloaded the same book.  The same thing happened repeatedly and each time I followed the same procedure. Several times I uninstalled Overdrive, authorized my Adobe account, as required. I received a message on the Adobe account page that my Adobe account had been authorized too many times. What do I have to do to satisfy Adobe and recover the ability to borrow ebooks from my library? The only reason I have an Adobe account is to read books! Is there a problem with Overdrive Media Console? I did not create the inter-dependence between Overdrive Media Console and Adobe. Your ridiculous Customer Support procedure makes me want to avoid Adobe entirely. All I want is to read books from the public library. If there is a way to cure the problem so it doesn't happen again then tell me.