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    GREP from a list


      Hello -


      I am wondering if a script/plugin exists for this or if anyone has suggestions for how to make this quicker.


      I would like to compile a list of GREP queries that find a character and add a character style to it.

      Here is an example list of expressions:






      The character would go from character style 'none' to 'underlined word'.







      I am using CS5.5

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          wjnp2000 Level 2


          In InDesign you already have this script.

          This script is FindChangeByList.jsx.

          You open it in a ExtendedScript Toolkit, just editing the script. Make a copy and change the name of archive in line 116 to another name that you want.

          Now edit the "FindChangeList.txt", change the name to the one that you choose previously and, change the list to your list of expressions.

          This is the easiest way, there is another ones but you have to understand program with scripts.


          good luck!