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    Web App Item images have no title tag and alt tag is empty

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      Hi I was wondering if there is an easy way for web app images to have alt and title tags at the moment none are being generated I thought the image file name would be used automatically as this would seem logical but this is not the case. also if you are trying like me to improve the search ranking of a site this is not ideal and questions why should I use BC in the future





      Images just have alt tags for img. Title is you can use but is mainly used on your anchor. So from what your saying I guess you mean the link wrapped images of web apps if you use the tag by default.



      The custom image field tags like { tag_yourimagefieldname} have a _value element to get the raw value.



      { tag_yourimagefieldname_value}



      This will fetch only the url.

      So you can form your layout html like...


      <img src="{ tag_yourimagefieldname_value}" alt="{ tag_name_nolink}"/>