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    Flash Player will not install.


      I have had to make an account for this forum because this particular problem has been driving me insane for a while now. Basically, my laptop needs to update the the latest Flash Player. But everytime I download the file and start the installation it always fails. When it starts it says "Initialising" which reaches 100%, then goes to "Retrieving install". This just stays at 0%, it then says "Installation encounted errors, Actionlist not found". I followed loads of walkthroughs and tips, uninstalled Flash Player (Which I now cannot install again because of this problem), and deleted some files that people said it might have been causing the errors, but that didn't work either. Nothing ever works and I just want to ask actual people instead of having to read a walkthrought that never works. I use Mozila Firefox, and my OS is Windows 7 (32 bit). Can anyone please help me out?