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    performance and import stuff - should I buy this program?


      hey guys,

      as I was looking for a easy-to-use program for my video workshops with kids I stumbled upon premiere elements.

      looks cool, but some things puzzle me:


      1) I´m trying it on a brand new i7 notebook, but its running as slow as if I´d be using tons of material and a 10 year old mashine.

      (there is only one pal video (15sec) and 10 photos. the project settings are the same as the video)


      2) when I want to import a soundfile from a SD card, he only lets me import via "video importer".first he lets me choose the file in the browser, then he says "you want to import from a removable media, use the video importer"? do I have to copy it to harddrive first? unnessecary step.

      and then, in the video import window, he shows me all files on the card, checked, so if I click "import", he loads all the stuff on the card, again. so I uncheck everything, but there is not the wave-file I recorded and chose 1 minute ago in the browser, just all the mp3s and videos...

      this is pretty f**ked up and counter-intuitive.


      can someone tell me solutions for that?

      otherwise I simply cant buy 10 licences for a program that makes every single kid ask me how to import and stuff.