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    Device offline in PE 3


      I've been using PE 3 for years on my old Windows XP PC.  I'm trying to get it to run on my laptop which is now my main computer. The laptop uses Vista. Installation goes OK, but when I try to capture (through a Firewire connection) I get the 'Device Offline' note.  In the Device menu options section, the 'Check Status' says 'Online'.  I've tried out nearly every combination of setting, but still the Device Offline message keeps coming up.  I tried my setup again on the old PC, and it still works on that machine, but I'm trying to de-commission it as it's too slow.  Is there any well-known reason for this not working on the more upto date laptop which I may have missed?  I know PE3 is old technology, but I like it and am used to it.  The laptop has only a 1.83Gh processor, otherwise I may be tempted to try PE 10, which requires at least 2Gh.  Thanks for any answers you ay have. David.

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          First, ensure that program includes the patch that updates it to version 3.02. Version 3.00 will not run correctly on Vista.


          Then manually go to Windows Update and ensure you have even the non-critical updates. Particularly with Vista. These non-critical updates frequently include important driver updates.


          That's your best bet. However, a 1.83 ghz processor is not nearly enough to do any editing with any version of the program, unfortunately. (Are you sure that's not a dual-core processor? I'm surprised even Vista will run on a 1.83 ghz processor!)


          You will also only be able to edit standard definition video -- ideally miniDV tape-based video -- in version 3. You don't say what model of camcorder you're working with, but you're likely to find it very frustrating to do any serious video editing on a low-powered laptop. Sorry.

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            Welcome to the forum.


            After you have completed and tested Steve's suggestions, if things do not work still, test the new computer's FW-400 connector with a known good FW-400 device. If the camera, with that cable, work well on the older computer, it's pretty safe to say that the camera, its connector, and the cable, are fine. The one variable could be the FW connector on the laptop.


            Also, you might want to Remove the FW connection from the laptop, via Device Manager, and then reboot, allowing Windows to install it again, and update the driver - you should have the very latest, after following Steve's advice.


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              I have the exact same problem, i capture with another program(ulead)then use adobe to edit it, have you tried to capture using windows movie maker, from what i have read it makes no diference how you capture if you are useing dv tape as it is a lossless capture format through a fire wire(this all couild be rubbish as i am just regurgitating things i have read)but it cant do any harm

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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                Well, Capture to a DV-AVI file is not totally lossless. The transfer of the bytes of data IS lossless - just 1's and 0's, but when one goes to the DV-AVI will compress those data slightly (not enough to really see, unless one were to look very, very closely).


                Now, Windows Movie Maker (not the Live version, which has other limitations) will only allow one to Export to DV-AVI Type I. PrE is built around DV-AVI Type II. One difference is that with Type I's, there is a Duration/File Size limit, but few ever reach it. Unfortunately, I cannot recall what it is, but you can still get some pretty long Duration files, and never hit that. However, next there can be some OOS (Out Of Syn) issues with the DV-AVI Type I's, though not always. When there is, it is most often static, and does not drift over time. That is very easy to fix in PrE, should it happen.


                Instead of using WMM to Capture, one might want to explore SceneAlyzer, which is the capture module, that many users feel Adobe should have incorporated. It has some really good features, and seems to work well on the vast majority of computers, with a wide array of miniDV tape cameras.


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                  Davyrhodes Level 1

                  Many thanks - I'd completely forgotton about the 3.02 patch. It now recognises the camera and will capture. I'm not saying that there won't be any other problems as we go along, but we'll cross those bridges when we get to them!  I've looked up my processor on the system information, and its reads: Intel (R) Core (TM)2 Duo CPU T5550@ 1.83GHz  1.83.GHz.  You know much more about these things that I do, so perhaps you would be kind enough to advise me as to whether or not (now having the correct info!!) this processor would be adequate for the PE10.  Many thanks once more.


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                    Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                    It is adequate for editing DV footage from a miniDV camcorder, certainly. Hi-def video is a bit iffier, especially AVCHD.