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    New use for Zinc 4?

    MECS Level 1

      If Adobe let's Director wither on the vine, could we convert our .dir movies to Shockwave and create crossplatform projectors with Zinc 4?  I have not used Zinc, so I don't know exactly what its capabilities are.  So, my question is, could Zinc be a viable tool for "rescuing" our existing Director movies if necessary?  Or perhaps it might even be used for creating cross-platform projectors now, if needed?


      Maybe someone with some Zinc experience could enlighten me.  I have 30 titles that I market, and I'm a bit nervous about the way Adobe is treating Director like an unwanted stepchild.





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          Mike Blaustein Level 4

          The answer to your question is Probably Not. 


          Zinc is just a Flash wrapper.  So, if your Director programs are primarily swfs and you use Director for a few system hooks, then you could use Zinc instead.  If you do not use swfs much, or if you use Director for anything more complicted than file IO (Buddy API stuff) then it would probably not suit your purpose.


          In fact, I think that even in its current condition, Director is a better Flash wrapper than Zinc.  I have used both, and there are very few reasons to use Zinc over Director - even less if you know Director already and don't want to learn a new program.