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    I'm not able to replace a graphic


      I know very little about InDesign, but this should be a super simple thing to do.  I have an indesign file given to me that I need to simply replace the current graphic (logo, pdf file) with another.  I want the new graphic to take up the same amount of space as the old one.  It won't let me "replace selected item" and I can't simply drag it into the frame that surrounds the original graphic.  What can I do?!? I've been trying all sorts of things and looking for answers, but nothing has worked!

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          emmysue32 Level 1

          What you want to do is relink. Go to Window - Links, and select the logo. It should highlight in the links palette. In the flyout menu, select 'relink' (or hit the chain icon at the bottom of the palette) and direct it to the new logo. You may need to finesse using object-fitting- fill frame proportionally, and then object-fitting- fit frame to content.

          If you can't relink it, make sure there isn't a little padlock icon on the frame. If there is a little padlock, go to the Layers palette, twirl everything open until you see that logo listed, and click on the padlock there to unlock it.


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            cmpan Level 1

            Thanks.  It won't let me select the logo when I go to Window-Links.  (The entire indesign pdf is listed under links but nothing else).  I have no idea if something is hidden, locked, unable to be edited, etc.  I just need the new logo in the same spot (and size) as the old one but I can't even delete the old one (and keep the little frame that's around it).

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              emmysue32 Level 1

              Ah. It sounds like you do not have an InDesign file, but a non-editable PDF. You'll need to doctor a little. Go to File - Place, select the graphic you want to place, hit 'open', and your cursor will be loaded with it. You should see a little preview of the logo attached to your cursor. Click, and it will place at 100. Then, use the black arrow tool to move it where you want it, and to size it up or down, ...on a mac it is shift-command, I'm not certain what it is on a pc, while you drag a corner. That will resize the content as well as the frame proportionally. It sounds like there is also a stroke of some sort around the logo you're replacing? If so, go to: window-stroke and dial in the width and color to replicate.

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                [Jongware] Most Valuable Participant

                "The entire InDesign PDF"!? InDesign does not use PDF as anative editable format, so what you got here is not a simple InDesign document, but one where everything on each page is a single imported PDF.


                Place a white rectangle over the old logo, import your new one, and place that on top. (And ask the person who gave you this virtually unusable file for what reason it was made that way.)

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                  emmysue32 Level 1

                  agreed - you may be able to get an editable file from whoever gave you this, and that will be a lot easier.

                  Word of caution: I have found that with things like this, if you place a white rectangle over it, it may not match the white of the file. So be careful there.

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                    cmpan Level 1

                    I'm sorry, when I try this, the lettering looks distorted (not smooth, but rather sort of pixel-y) and the old logo remains.  So I can place the new one on top, but it's not resizing correctly and the old one is still there.

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                      cmpan Level 1

                      On second thought, I'm not sure if there's a frame around the old logo.  (It doesn't show like the other fields when you hover over).  I only see the green "frame" when I click on the old logo.  In any case, the new logo isn't resizing automatically.

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                        emmysue32 Level 1

                        Sounds like it has a transparent background, and is not vector, and the logos are different proportions. I'd do what Jongware said and make a rectangle filled with white (0-0-0-0) and place your logo on top of it. Just zoom in there and make sure the white of the rectangle and the white of the file match


                        * also, size the frame and then use object-fitting options to fill frame proportionally, and then fit content to frame.

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                          cmpan Level 1

                          Thanks for your help so far.  I think I'm going to try to just do an all new file, since nothing is working! I tried to place the object (the new logo, which is a pdf) in a new document, but it is all pixelated and doesn't look right.  How is this fixed? Sorry, I don't know what I'm doing the program is counter intuitive for me.  The logo looks right when I look at it outside of Indesign, but when I place it, it's blurry.   

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                            emmysue32 Level 1

                            View - Display Performance - High Quality Display

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                              Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                              It would be about a million times easier to help you if we could see the logo on the page and the links panel when you've selected whatever it is you are able to select that contains the logo. Right now it sounds to me like whatever it is is pasted.


                              Please post a screen capture showing that area of the page, with the logo "selected" and the Links panel visible. Use the camera icon on the web page to embed it in your post like this: