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    getting the best quality


      Hi all ,first post so if its all been covered before sorry,loads of questions but first my camcorder is a panny nv-gs400 dv, i capture on ulead and edit in adobe elements 3(for some reason cant capture with adobe just says device is offline)first question is on the camera what are the best settings on the panny for spotlight recording, i take it manual settings must be better than just hitting the scene button for spotlight.

      second ,once i have done all the editing what is the best way to export the footage to dvd for highest quality(i have tried to read about 2 passes and codecs etc but dont realy understand)i need a step by step guide if at all possible as i am worse than useless with computers, all the best Nellie

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          MiniDV is the easiest format to edit because the video data just streams into the computer unchanged and as is. So no matter which program you use to capture it, you still get the original video data created by the camcorder.


          If your project is set up for DV video, you need only use Share/Disc/DVD to output the best possible quality DVD. Your output should be virtually identical to your original footage.

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            nighttimenellie Level 1

            Thanks Steve, now to prove my ignorance where is the Share/Disc/DVD button.

            I take it there is no way to improve the quality of your film i find it grainy because it it is filmed under spotlight conditions so it is quite dark mainly, is there anything in elements that can help with this or is it down to finding best set up with camera

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              If you have underexposed lighting conditions, you are likely seeing video noise, introduced as the sensor in the camera struggles with low illumination levels.


              While not in PrE, I use Neat Video, which can be run as a plug-in Effect, or as a stand-alone program. It takes some experimentation, but is quite good. After you establish the best settings, you might want to apply a bit of Unsharpe Mask shapening, AFTER Neat Video. Also note: Render and Export times do go up, as Neat Video is a pretty intensive Effect.


              Good luck,



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                John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                >where is


                User Guide PDF http://help.adobe.com/en_US/premiereelements/using/index.html

                Right click the PDF link in the upper right corner and select to save to your hard drive

                -the page also has links to help pages for previous versions

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                  nighttimenellie Level 1

                  thanks Bill, if that program works half as well as the examples, its unbelievable.

                  cheers John, i will save that now

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                    the_wine_snob Level 9

                    In my experiences, it does. However, do not be impatient, as it does take some tweaking to get the best results. One can use the "examination function," and that will get one close, but with but a little more work, things get better still.


                    One thing that I like to do is to set the WAB (Work Area Bar) to be over just the Clip, to which I am applying Neat Video, and when things look good, Render just that portion, under the WAB, then study the Program Monitor at 100% (from Fit). This does take some time to do the Renders, and then to study the results, but one will benefit, with the ulitmate results. Remember to then apply a little bit of Sharpening (think that PrE has Unsharp Mask, but that might only be in PrPro?). Just a bit, goes a long way.


                    I have saved many clients' old, underexposed VHS footage, with some work in Neat Image, and then a bit of Sharpening.


                    Note: If you have some Clips, where the video noise is pretty consistant and commone to each Clip, then, without adding any other Effects, use Neat Image on one such Clip, experimenting, until it is where you want it. Add that bit of Sharpening. Next, Rt-click that first Clip (with Neat Image & the Sharpening), and choose Copy. Then, Select all of the other Clips in the Timeline, that need that same treatment. Rt-click those, and choose Paste Attributes. The Neat Image Effect, with your tested settings, plus the Shapening, will then be applied to all of those. You might need to go in and tweak, the Clips, but you will have a good "starting point." That can save a lot of time and work.


                    Good luck, and do try out the trial on some of your problem footage. Do not recall if the trial was watermarked, limited in some way, or only limited regarding the time of allowed usage. I did the trial, many versions ago, then bought the full-tilt version. BTW - I had used the companion program, Neat Image in Photoshop, so already had a little background, and experience with that program.



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                      nighttimenellie Level 1

                      Hi, this question is a bit linked so i thought i would keep them together, while at work today i noticed we were selling up-scalling dvd players, they claimed to up-scale to 720p or1080i, now if i play my home made dvds(made from my pannys dv tapes) through this machine will the quality really be up-scalled that high,and if so, if i then record the image from the tv back on to dvd or blu-ray will i have a better quality dvd, or even an hd blu-ray,i cant believe this will work as it seems a cheep way to improve the quality of image but fingers crossed

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                        nealeh Level 5

                        So long as you can capture the HD output you should see an improved image but this won't be identical to real HD. Real HD has all its pixels exactly defined. Upscaled footage relies on the upscaling engine to add additional pixels.


                        But upscaling hardware is improving all the time. I was always pleased with my 2008 Panasonic upscaling DVD-R, but now it looks crude when compared to DVD's played with my 2011 upscaling Blu-ray player.





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                          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                          As Neale says,you really can't create pixels where they don't exist, so even if you could create a 1920x1080 video from a 720x480 video source, it wouldn't really be more detailed -- any more than stretching a small T-shirt to fit a large person would actually make larger shirt.

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                            nighttimenellie Level 1

                            Please stay with me, Steve i like your explanation, its in my kind of language(simple).

                            Now if i play my dvd to an upscaled standard (say 720p) not full hd will this make the picture better because im not asking for as much upscalling so not as much work needs to be done to the image by the machine, and if i can do that can i capture it back to a normal dvd with an improved picture or will it down scale again as it records(it might not record at 720p but as it records the image on the screen and that image is better willl the standard dvd picture quality also be better)at the very least has anyone played home made dvds through an upscaller player ,what was the improvement like? was the diference worth the outlay?, cheers Nellie.

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                              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                              No. Your DVD player is not adding detail to your video. It's just doubling up the pixels to make your DVD look more like a BluRay.


                              The video is still only 720x480.


                              As Bill says, there is software that will approximate adding more pixels --- but it's impossible to create pixels and detail where none exists.

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                                nighttimenellie Level 1

                                Got you, thanks everyone for the help

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                                  nighttimenellie Level 1

                                  Got some more questions, after trying neat video demo, i wasnt to impressed with what i saw on the computer screen, i then made a dvd and the diference was remarkable,so my first question is ,i will be making dvds, so was i going to buy the home version, is this enough, or is the pro version much better ,or overkill for my needs.

                                  On the PE3 side of things could someone tell me if when watching the filtered project can i toggle beween that and the original (not a stiil )while it is playing.

                                  Another question i have is ,I burned my project to a folder then to a dvd -r  using image burn, but the audio didnt go with it, any guesses?.

                                  Last and least, i tried to burn project to a dvd +rw using pe3 and it seemed to burn onto the disc, there were no errors and the process finnished, but it wouldnt play ,do i need to format or finalize and if so how ,thanks in advance Nellie,

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                                    the_wine_snob Level 9

                                    If you will ever do full-HD 1920 x 1080, then the "Pro" version would be worth the difference. If you will ONLY be doing SD, then the "Home" version should be adequate.


                                    As for being able to toggle between a Clip w/ and w/o Effects during playback, the answer is no. As a matter of fact, for most accurate playback, it would probably be best to toggle off an Effect, and then Render the Clip - same for when you apply an Effect.


                                    As for why the Audio is missing from the VIDEO_TS file, I have no clue. The last step, prior to organizing the VIDEO_TS and its files, the Audio & Video Streams are muxed into a single MPEG-2 file, which can span several VOB's. When you playback the VIDEO_TS folder in a DVD software player, do you get the Audio there, prior to using ImgBurn for the physical burn?


                                    Some DVD players have issues with RW discs. That is why I only use those for testing, and never for delivery. All of my DVD/BD players have no issues with RW discs, but some do.


                                    Good luck,



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                                      nighttimenellie Level 1

                                      Thanks Bill, it will be the home edition for me then,the toggle thing is no biggie just wondered if it could be done,i have to render clips that have effects on them just to get them to play, its ok with the original but once worked on if not rendered they are very juddery.

                                      As for the sound, when i play the footage in pe3 the sound is fine so the camcorder definatley got it onto the tape,but i played the video ts file in real player ,no sound,so it must be something i have done either with the burning of the folder or when using image burn, i dont think its the later or the sound would be on the video when played in real player

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                                        nighttimenellie Level 1

                                        More questions on quality(can there be more?-youbet) I have always bought just the standard mini dv tapes to record with, but how much diference is there betwwen the panny standard, the pq ones and the sq ones do they make a marked diference to quality of picture, again thanks Nellie

                                        A quick p.s can anyone recommend a trustworthy site for a new battery for my panny gs400,bought one before but cant remember what site it was from,cheers