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    Separate quires (correct word?) for printed book

    GT Anders

      Hi all,

      I am a bit new to this. I want to make a handmade book from an InDesign file. My question is, what workflow should I use to be able to print separate collections of 8 or 16 or 32 (or whatever) pages for folding and stitching into a book?


      My text is in one .indd, set up with facing pages. I've tried exporting the whole thing to PDF (with spreads) and specifying which pages to print. This doesn't work, but this may be a matter of getting my printer to understand what sort of booklet printing I want to do.


      I've tried exporting only sections of 16 pages to PDF. When this happens, the final spread will not break into one final page, but comes in whole (thus giving the PDF an odd number of pages, which obviously can't be printed as a booklet).


      I've thought about doing this as .indb, threading the continuous text between .indd's, but it looks complicated (as per this link... http://indesignsecrets.com/threading-text-from-one-document-to-another.php) and I would like to avoid that if possible, since my .indd is already set up how I want it.


      Don't judge... but... I remember working on a similar document (book with facing pages) in Microsoft Publisher circa 2003, and in printing from Publisher, I could specify a number of pages to print AND check a box something like "print as separate booklet." This treated the specified block of pages as its own book, breaking the final verso away from the recto. 


      Any ideas? Should I clarify my problem?


      Thanks in advance.