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    Indesign won't open


      I was using indesign yesterday for my school work and I think I ended up having to force quit it becuase it wasn't closing and today when I went to open it it won't open. It doesn't say why it just says indesign as quit unexpectedly. It won't even open in safe mode. Can anyone help me fix it??? I'm desperate as I have homework to finish on it!!

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          You probably have a damaged file inthe recovery folder that is crashing as soon as ID restarts. With ID cloes, find the recovery folder -- since you haven't said what version, I'll send you to the Replace Your Preferences link and tell you that it is normall y in the caches folder wher you'd find InDesign Saved Data, and those locations are listed there for you -- and move everything in it to the desktop (you can probably delete it all later, but make sure you don't need it, first). ID should now restart, and if the original file is not damaged it should open at the last saved state, so you may have lost some work, but at least not the whole file.