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    Flash & playerglobal.swc

      I'm having trouble installing the correct version of the AIR update for Flash.

      The problem manifests its self when I try to use File.applicationStorageDirectory

      On my old PC this was compiling fine but on my new PC, it give an error indicating that applicationStorageDirectory is not a static member of File.

      If I copy the playerglobal.swf from my old machine to my new machine (into C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Flash CS3\en\Configuration\ActionScript 3.0 AIR 1.0\Classes) it fixes the problem.

      But I've used the latest updater http://download.macromedia.com/pub/flash/updates/903/win/en/flash9-en_US_9_0_3_Update.exe

      and the livedocs seem to indicate that applicationStorageDirectory has not been depricated.

      Does anyone have any idea what I'm doing wrong.