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    Help with listToCSV

    nikos101 Level 2

      I have an algorithm that works fine ,except when the text that is added as a csv element has new line characters(makes a jump in the excel) or comma, can anyone give me advice?


      Bolded where I think the solution should be


      package utils


          import flash.utils.Dictionary;


          import mx.collections.IList;

          import mx.utils.ObjectUtil;



           * This class contains static methods to be used to export to various formats


          public class Exporters





              public static function listToCSV(value:IList,delimeter:String):String


                  var str:String='';



                  var classInfo:Object=ObjectUtil.getClassInfo(value.getItemAt(0));

                  var properties:Array=classInfo.properties;


                  //get the headers

                  for (var k:int = 0; k < properties.length; k++)


                      str+=properties[k].toString() + delimeter;






                  for each (var o:Object in value)



                      var prop:*;



                      for (var j:int=0; j < properties.length; j++)




                          var thing:* = o[prop];


                          var isArray:Boolean=thing is Array;

                          var isDict:Boolean=thing is Dictionary;

                          var isBool:Boolean=thing is Boolean;

                          if (isArray)


                          else if (isDict)


                          else if (isBool)

                                  str+= thing?'YES':'NO';  //everyday users don't like 0 or 1



                              str+=  thing  == null?'null': thing.toString() ;




                              str+= delimeter;








                  return str;