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    Flash Builder MXML Editor Crash

    JosephRich1 Level 1

      I'm creating an air project. Everything works fine until I made a small modification that when I want to load the mxml in the editor it starts loading and stops responding. I have to open in the text editor to try to find any errors but without success. The program runs and debugs perfectly but there is something that the editor can't open (it does not show errors)


      I try to clean the project, validate... No result.


      Any idea to what to do? This happened in early versions of flash builder and now at 4.6.

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          I also have this issue. It has only just started happening in the last few days. I don't know where I can report this issue or bug but now I can not open my default application mxml class to set a stop point. I have read that this is a recursive issue in the IDE where it gets stuck in a loop but that is all I know. Looking at the log it looks like a recursive issue. I've lots many days on this already.


          Does anyone konw of a solution? I even upgraded my RAM which I thought might be the problem.


          Flash Builder 4.7 Mac



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            Flex harUI Adobe Employee

            Try using some other text editor and remove all of the text from that file and save it somewhere else.  Then see if FB will open.  Then copy chunk of what you saved back into the file and try to narrow down what it is that causes things to go bad.