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    Losing linked After Effects files in Premiere Pro

    sambojo Level 1

      I have seen this same problem posted several times with no solution that I can find.  I have a PP5.5 file with my video sliced up.  I have been using the "replace with AE composition" which opens the clip in AE where I adjust and tweak and then save. It has been working fine with the first 8 clips in my first AE file named 01.AEP. Then I "replace with AE compositon" on the next set and save it as 02.AEP and adjust them. When I close and reopen my PP file, all my links to my 01.AEP files are missing. I try to relink to the 01.AE and it opens the 02.AEP comp and replaces all the 01 links with 02 files. I shut down, rebooted, and even did a little jig hoping it would help. It didn't. They only way I got them back, was to open the 01.AEP in After Effects and save as 01-2.AEP and then relinked to that file in PP.  I am not sure if this is a bug in PP or AE. I can open the AE file in AE without any problem, so I am guessing it is a bug in PP. I am a little afraid to continue with this project.


      Any ideas?