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    Newbie needs help editing free flash template


      I am trying to change the name shown in flash on this website, but it is in bitmap form. It came with a psd file that I was able to edit, but it makes no changes to the site when uploaded. the site can be viewed at southernflaircateringdotcom


      How can I edit the name grill house restaurant???

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          adninjastrator Level 4

          I'm not able to find a site at


          broken link? wrong name?

          Since every template is a little different, it's best to rely on the instructions that came with the template.

          If you have edited the image, does the template use the .psd file or do you need to save the image in some other format like .jpg?

          Or perhaps you did edit correctly and upload correctly but did not refresh your cache... so are viewing the old version. Clear your Temp Internet files folder and then refresh the page... any change?


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            hashhu1 Level 1

            Take the s out of https and you will see the site.


            The problem is that the downlaod did not provide instructions at all. It was free and I guess the instructions would cost you lol


            It came with four folders: flash, fonts, psd, html, the psd contains a single psd file that i can edit. But when uploading that file, it does not effect the site at all.


            The download is here http://www.freeflashtemplates.com/template-005/

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              robdillon Most Valuable Participant

              Grill House and Restaurant are both imported from individual layers in the Photoshop file. Each of the Photoshop file layers are in the Assets folder in the index folder in the index.psd Assets folder in the Library. You can edit just the Grill House bitmap in Photoshop from the Library by right clicking on that bitmap, but this is not the best method.


              Open the index.psd in Photoshop and make the changes that you want. Be sure to keep the layer organization the same. Save the edited .ps file. From Flash, import the .ps file. When the import window opens, select only the layer(s) that you've changed. These changed layers will import into a new folder structure in the Flash movie's library. Delete the old bitmaps from the folder in the Library. Drag the new bitmaps from their folders to the folders that contained the original bitmaps. In other words replace the old with the new. You should see the updated content in your movie when you test it.