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    OSMF Based Player Locks in iOS with Progressive MP4s and Autoplay

    The Almighty Egg

      I am working on a mobile project that is built for iPad. The project includes an OSMF-based media player. However, the app is locking intermittently. I created a bare test application to try and narrow down the problem:


      The app creates an instance of StrobeMediaPlayback. The player is fed an MP4 via HTTP (progressive). When the player reports complete (TimeEvent.COMPLETE dispatched by the StrobeMediaPlayback instances 'player' property), the player is fed another MP4 and begins playback ('configuration.src' is set followed by a call to 'loadMedia'). The player cycles through a list of four MP4s in this fashion, like a looping playlist. Eventually, the app will lock when beginning to load a new file. This sometimes happens immediately, sometimes it takes minutes, sometimes it takes half an hour, but it always happens.


      If I disable 'autoplay' on the player, listen for the player to enter the ready state, and then insert a small delay before calling 'play', the app will run for hours without any problems. If I enable 'autoplay' or begin playback as soon as the player reports 'ready', the app will lock.


      My original test was with my own OSMF-based player. I have not seen anyone else report anything similar to this, so I set it up with Strobe just to make sure I wasn't handling OSMF badly. The results have been identical.


      I can find no useful information in the app's crash log. The app is simply shut down by iOS for becoming unresponsive. I have tried running the app hooked to the debugger, but nothing is reported.


      Some details:

      OSMF 1.6

      Strobe Player 1.6.328

      iPad 2 running iOS 5.0.1

      Flash CS 5.5 patched with Air 3 (app reports Flash Player IOS 11,1,102,58 )


      I can provide code for my main test class if more detail is required.


      Can anyone offer any insight into this? Right now this project is stuck because the app is unstable.