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    Why is my available SSD space so low on a new install?

    Steve H. Allen Level 1

      I am building a new system for premiere 5.5.  For my OS drive I chose the new Intel 520 120GB SSD.  After doing a fresh install I noticed my available space on this drive was around 50GB (I can't remember exactly how many GB. I'm away and unable to check right now). This is before anything at all was installed on the drive.  Not even drivers.  I was perplexed at first, but the light bulb went off today. Is this because I have a huge pagefile?  I installed 32GB of RAM.  I just looked it up. The default is to create a pagefile that is 1.5 times the RAM. Wowsers! So I've got 45GB of space dedicated to the pagefile?1? I suppose if I installed the full 64GB of RAM on the board I wouldn't have room to install any applications. So did I figure this out?  If so, how do you guys deal with this?  Do you move the pagefile to another drive? Or, install a second drive for applications. Or, RAID 0 the OS drive?


      FYI, I haven't purchased my other drives yet.  I'm going to get this system up and running stable before I move on to that step. However, I would like to know your thoughts about using multiple Intel 520 SSDs in RAID O vs using HDDs.  In the past I think the advise has been that the current SSD do not have the "sustained write" performance that HDDs have. Perhaps I don't know how to properly read the benchmarks in the reviews, but this Intel 520 appears to have superior sustained write performance over HDDs. I'm probably looking at the wrong benchmarks. What benchmark utility or reviews demonstrates that HDDs (in RAID 0/5) offer superior video editing performance over a Intel SSDs (in RAID 5/0)?


      Thanks guys!