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    Table of Contents (.hhc) Not displaying in Web browser



      I have just upgraded Robohelp Version 7 to 9.0. I have table of contents(.hhc) in the left frame and "Updates_and_Revsions.htm" in the right frame. After my first TOC update in the Robohelp version 9.0, i am not able to see anything in my left frame. It is blank.

      After basic research I was able to figure it out that .hhc was converted into XML file. Here is the code (I have long TOC so i am copying only first few). I am using internet explorer 7.0.


      ******Previous Code********



      <!-- Sitemap 1.0 -->

      <object type="text/site properties">

        <param name="FrameName" value="right">

        <param name="SiteType" value="toc">

        <param name="Window Styles" value="0x800003">



        <li><object type="text/sitemap">

          <param name="Name" value="DFC On-Line Help Contents">



          <li><object type="text/sitemap">

            <param name="Name" value="Updates &amp; Revisions">

            <param name="Local" value="Updates_and_Revisions.htm">




      *************New Code*************


      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

      <toc version="1.0">

                      <properties framename="right" windowstyles="8388611">


                      <item name="DFC On-Line Help Contents">

                                      <item name="Updates &amp; Revisions" link="Updates_and_Revisions.htm">


                                      <item name="Introduction">

                                                      <item name="Introduction" link="DfcIntroduction.htm">





      Please advise,

      I will really appreciate your help.