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    "SWF is not a loadable module" when compiling from flash builder 4.6 but not 4.0


      I'm having a very strange issue on an inherited project. The developer who built the project (using fb 4.0 and flex is able to compile it and the application works just fine, both locally and on the server. However, if I take the identical code and compile it using fb 4.6 and the same flex sdk, the application works locally, but starts failing to load modules on the server, giving a "SWF is not a loadable module" error. There are no other errors from the debug sessions.

      All crossdomain policy files appear to be in place. The module even begins loading, but receives the error after 5 - 10% downloaded.

      I also tried setting the application domain using modLoader.applicationDomain = ApplicationDomain.currentDomain;, with no results.