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    Large pasteboard...but only on 1 page


      Here's a strange one. I am working on a 60 page document (yearbook for a local school) and for some reason one of the pages has developed a rather large vertical pasteboard area while none of the other pages have. See screenshot below. The file does not appear corrupted and I am still able to work with the file as if there is nothing wrong. I've checked the document settings for the pasteboard area and it's set at what it should be. Can pages have individual pasteboard sizes? It's really not a problem anymore as I just created a new 2 page spread, copied everything over and deleted this "corrupted" spread. However, I am still curious how something like this could occur and if there is another way to remedy it other that the way I did.

      Screen shot 2012-02-29 at 4.51.03 PM.png

      Again, Just curious. Thanks.