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    CPS Simple File Deployer corrupts XLSX and DOCX files when copying to server. Solutions?


      When Contribute Publishing Service Simple File Deployment copies XLSX and DOCX files from our staging server to the live production web server, it is corrupting them.  The resulting file on the live web server is a few bytes different in size.  I published a 9015-byte docx file to our staging server using Dreamweaver (or Contribute).  The resulting file on the staging server opens correctly and remains 9015 bytes.  Then, using CPS Simple File Deployer, I deployed the file from our staging server to our live web server.  The resulting file on the live web server is 9017 bytes, and it won't open.  Something similar happens with XLSX files.  It works fine with XLS, DOC, Html etc.  Well, there is an issue with dependent files unless I synchronize with Dreamweaver, but that's another story.


      Once File Deployer has corrupted the files, opening them brings a message, such as "Excel has found unreadable content in filename.xlsx. . . ".  With Word, it says "The Office Open XML file filename.docx cannot be opened because there are problems with the contents . . . The file is corrupt and cannot be opened."  Sometimes the docx files can be recovered, but that doesn't help. 

      When I take the same original docx file and put it on the web server with an FTP program, it remains 9015 bytes and opens successfully on the live web server.


      For several reasons, such as many users updating the website with Adobe Contribute and not let them use FTP directly to the live server, we need to keep the staging server and use File Deployer (or something) to deploy the changed files from the staging server to the live website.


      I read somewhere that the programming code the uploads files can have problems and fail to work properly with Office 2007 files.  I don't have access to CPS's core.ctc and deployfile.cfc files, and I don't have Cold Fusion. 


      Any suggestions?