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        Thanks Bob for so clearly answering my question.


        Much appreciated!

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          meijerd Newcomer

          I picked up an i3 this afternoon and are pleasantly suprised how two single viewer apps I recently created for clients (Bugaboo Magazine BOO for example) look on the device. Not perfect, but very acceptable, very. Normal users may not even notice anything. How are other people's first impressions?

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            D_Wilton Newcomer

            I just had the same issue as Casey.


            Built a 2048 layout. Created the 2048 folio and a 1024 rendition. The 1024 shows up solo on the iPad2. At first the 2048 shows up solo on the iPad3, but then after restarting the custom viewer, the 1024 appears there as well.


            Any advice on what Im doing wrong (Im new to renditions)?



            Casey Jensen wrote:


            I also noticed, using renditions on at least one occasion, that after you download a folio (say the 2048x1536 rendition on an iPad3, as an example.), the next time you launch your Content Viewer/it refreshes library, the other rendition suddenly becomes available. Why is this? And would this happen in a Production Viewer/App as well?

            (It is happening with one of my 2 rendition examples.)

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              Casey Jensen Pioneer

              It was a bug that has subsequently been patched. If you re-build with the latest v19 viewer from Viewer Builder, you shouldn't run into the issue. (what I've been told -- haven't confirmed it yet.)

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                D_Wilton Newcomer

                UPDATE: Updating seems to have done the trick.


                Thanks for the speedy reply, Casey. Also glad to know Im not the only one working on a too sunny Saturday!

                I thought I had the latest, but I gues not. Thanks again!


                Casey Jensen wrote:


                It was a bug that has subsequently been patched. If you re-build with the latest v19 viewer from Viewer Builder, you shouldn't run into the issue. (what I've been told -- haven't confirmed it yet.)

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                  Bob Bringhurst - Adobe Mythic

                  Join Colin Fleming, Adobe Digital Publishing Evangelist, for an Ask a CS Pro session on Friday, April 6th to learn how to efficiently design and author for both types of iPad. There are a couple things to keep in mind, and some pretty nifty solutions so that you can make your content look great on all iPad devices with minimal extra work. Adobe has just updated their guidance on authoring Digital Publishing Suite for the new iPad, and Colin will demonstrate many of these techniques in this session. He will cover:

                  • Layout design for flexible publishing
                  • Handling interactive content for two resolutions
                  • Building folios for “renditions”


                  When: Friday, April 6, 2012 at 12pm Pacific. Session start times for other time zones follow: http://bit.ly/HE6cmj


                  Register now! http://adobe.ly/GSrQo1


                  Recording: http://my.adobeconnect.com/p36imh6e9dp/

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                    Bart Van de Wiele Pioneer

                    So it is my understanding (after some testing) that text does look pixelated on an iPad3 (using PDF), unless you zoom in a little bit? I was expecting the text to look good from the start, without zooming. Zooming is cool to check out details, but I'm always encouraging my students to design iPad publications on a 1:1 scale. So you wouldn't require zooming which can become tiresome after some time.


                    Are there any upcoming fixes to address this? Or is this not considered as an issue?

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                      Casey Jensen Pioneer

                      I've noticed a big difference in PDF text between Drop 18 and Drop 19 viewers. Drop 18 viewers seem to behave as you described - the text still looks like crap unless you zoom in slightly and force a redraw.


                      On drop 19, on the other hand, text looks pretty crisp in general. The last I checked the public content viewer is still drop 18.

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                        BobLevine Legend

                        +1. The version 18 viewer has doesn’t display properly. The version 19 viewers are fine.




                        If you have an enterprise or pro account you can create one yourself in about 5 minutes.





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                          Pete Owen

                          I still need to do more testing on the iPad 3 but as DPS trainer I am looking at many of the projects I have created with delegates over the past couple of months specifically for the iPad1/2 and I am seriously struggling to see any significant differences on the iPad 3. I accept there are differences but for the 'man in the street' to spot them it will be difficult. I am working on one personel project that I am planning to publish via the Single Edition option and was concerned that I would have to rebuild the project to accommodate the iPad 3 viewers, well on close examination the answer is no, it looks just as good on an iPad 3 as it does on an iPad 1 - the articles are in standard format, not pdf but I am using a lot of vector based components.

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                            Ronald D. Pate, Chickasaw

                            I was having some PDF stacking errors on drop 19. When I returned to non PDF mode they went away. My DISCIPLE Newsapp is now in review. No issues so far. You guys have been great!


                            Ronald D.Pate, Chickasaw

                            The Ecclesia


                            Red Warrior

                            Tribal Member No. 20170

                            The Great Chickasaw Nation

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                              Bart Van de Wiele Pioneer

                              I tested a new article on both iPad2 and 3.


                              I'm using v19 producer tools

                              Document: 1024x768

                              Folio: 2048x1536

                              Both folio and article image format: PDF

                              No interactivities what so ever

                              Previewed on my own v19 viewer


                              I took a screenshot of what I get:



                              When you zoom in just a tad, the ipad3 refreshes and shows crisp text. But if you don't it stays as pixelated. And you really see it.



                              (Be sure to copy/paste the url in the browser so the forum doesn't scale it down.)


                              I was expecting pixelated images, but nice text.


                              Seeing Johannes Henseler's iPad3 tests on this forum, I was imagining the same quality... Can someone tell me if I'm missing something? I am willing to accept that this is normal and the problem is just my expectations ;-)

                              But I just need to be sure for when I'm giving support to our DPS customers.



                              Thank you

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                                BobLevine Legend

                                I saw this on the version 18 viewer but with my own version 19 viewer everything is fine.


                                Why do you have the folio set to 2048x1536? There's no need for that and I believe if you view that on an iPad 1/2 you will see horrendous results.



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                                  Bart Van de Wiele Pioneer

                                  I was doing an iPad3 "exclusive" test because it was the first time using the 2048x1536 folio format. But if I understand correctly:


                                  - text should look fine (if it's PDF)

                                  - images can look awesome (if they're given the right amount of pixels, which in this case is not)


                                  I reinstalled my viewer builder and am recreating my v19 viewer, just to be sure. After that I'll retry.



                                  Thanks for the quick update, Bob.

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                                    Bart Van de Wiele Pioneer

                                    Just finished reinstalling my Viewer Builder and trying the same folio preview and HEEEE-LLLOO it looks very good !




                                    Problem solved !

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