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    iPad 3 on the way

    Fernando Carreira Jr

      Any news about that?

      It will bring retina display?

      How does it will impact our published folios?

      I'm pretty sure that Adobe is preparing a DPS big update for that, right?

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          Bob Bringhurst - Adobe Adobe Employee

          The iPad3 isn't available for testing yet, but the DPS team is trying to do everything they can to support iPad3 when it comes out. The iPad3 is reported to have 2048x1536 dimensions. The v19 Viewer Builder will include two sets of options for app icons and splash screens -- the current options for iPad1&2 and additional 2x options for the iPad3. In other words, you'll specify 29x29, 50x50, and 72x72 app icons for iPad2 as you do now, and you'll also specify 58x58, 100x100, and 144x144 app icons for iPad3. Same goes for splash screens, Newsstand covers, and other images you specify in Viewer Builder.


          What about the folio content? There are a lot of unknown issues that might require a hot fix release after the scheduled March 12 v19 release. Here's what I believe are the options:


          Option 1 - 1024x768 folios with 1024x768 articles


          We don't know what 1024x768 folios will look like on the iPad3, but they won't look as nice as 2048x1536 folios.


          Option 2 - Renditions with 2048x1536 folio/2048x1536 source files and 1024x768 folio/1024x768 source files


          The advantage to this approach is that the iPad3 will have hi-res content and the iPad1&2 will have properly scaled content with minimal folio size. The drawback is that you have to do extra design work for two sets of source files.


          Option 3 - Renditions with 2048x1536 folio/2048x1536 articles and 1024x768 folio/2048x1536 source files


          The advantage to this approach is that you have only one set of source files. When you create the 1024x768 folio with the 2x source files, the articles are scaled down when bundled rather than being scaled down in the viewer (option 4). One drawback is that the folio files are unnecessarily large for the iPad1&2.


          Option 4 - 2048x1536 folio with 2048x1536 articles


          One drawback is that the iPad1&2 viewer needs to scale down the content, possibly resulting in poorer performance with certain overlays. Another drawback is that the folios will be larger for iPad1&2. The benefit is that you don't have to deal with renditions. For single-issue apps, either option 1 or option 4 is required, unless you create two different apps.

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            Johannes Eckert Level 4

            Thanks for giving hints Bob.


            I think a PDF based folio should be the best approach when the folio

            builder would  rasterizes assets for the appropriate resolution.

            I hope to get through this without renditions and just one source file per



            Thank you for breaking your heads at Adobe!




            (mobil gesendet)

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              Bob Bringhurst - Adobe Adobe Employee

              Right, Johannes, we're hoping that using the PDF will simplify the approach.

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                Pete Owen Level 1

                [deleted by forum host]

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                  Casey Jensen Level 3

                  I thought this as well, but there is a major limitation to PDF folios that is extremely problematic. If an article is not a standard size (1024x768 H or V), it cannot be a PDF, currently. During import, the format setting is overridden and the article is imported in as a jpg. I would presume this creates a pretty big issue for many publishers.


                  I don't think you'd want to mix-and-match articles - some as pdfs, and some as jpgs either, as that gives users/customers different experiences on different pages, which would be quite frustrating.


                  I was/am hopeful this will be addressed in Sprint 19, but I don't know anything about it at this point.

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                    meijerd Level 1

                    Any ideas on single viewer apps currently waiting for review? Is there any chance of those getting rejected due to current inability to fully support the new retina screen resolution?

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                      Felipe - dualpixel Level 3

                      HI, people


                      In iPad 3 the pixel resolution of the screen is the same 132 ppi alike the firsts iPads?

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                        Casey Jensen Level 3

                        No, it is 264.

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                          Johannes Eckert Level 4

                          I don't think there is a difference between pro, enterprise and single

                          edition for the retina support.


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                            Bob Bringhurst - Adobe Adobe Employee

                            Right, ipad3 support is for everyone, not just Enterprise. They were referring to an entries signed viewer, which is different.

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                              Felipe - dualpixel Level 3

                              HI, Bob


                              To single app I can´t have folio and articles with different resolution?

                              For single-issue apps, either option 1 or option 4 is required, unless you create two different apps.


                              Because the folio is baked inside the app

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                                jbalmain Level 1

                                just to be sure:

                                if from now on i design 2048x1536 folio with 2048x1536 articles, will they be readable on iPad 2 & 1 ?

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                                  Bob Bringhurst - Adobe Adobe Employee

                                  We're still testing the different approaches. We'll provide more detailed guidance soon.

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                                    Ronald D. Pate, Chickasaw

                                    I can't get any format of video (at 2048*1536 Resolution) to play on my Adobe Content Viewer on my ipad 2. Tried everything. Am testing my new magazine for the new ipad3 format and cannot get the testing to work on my ipad2. Hmmmmm . . . .Any thoughts?????

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                                      Pete Owen Level 1

                                      I am getting everything to work including videos on my iPad 1 by building at 2048 x 1536. It is all ok but obviously a real hassle and as Bob Bringhurst pointed out in his guidance notes resizing, larger image files etc. I am half way through building a guide book that I had planned to launch as a Single Edition app so at the moment which way do I go?. I too don't have an iPad 3 so have not done any iPad 3 testing. 

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                                        Ronald D. Pate, Chickasaw Level 1

                                        Thanks Pete. Tried to breAk my large video down into smaller sizes, then ran into the one video per page rule. Image sequences are to big, and full size videos as a splash page in portrait mode won't play at all. Hmmmmm . . . . Hope adobe and apple are working together on this one.


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                                          BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                                          Nobody has one yet. I have a finished app here and I think we’re going to hold off til next Friday when I should have one in my hands to be able to test it.




                                          I’ve got my fingers crossed that it doesn’t look awful. My real concern is that we’ve enabled pinch and zoom and on such pages the static elements look great but when you zoom in on areas in overlays that have been rasterized they look pretty bad. I’m hoping that isn’t apparent on the new iPad as the default view.





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                                            Bob Bringhurst - Adobe Adobe Employee

                                            revronpate - If you create 2048x1536 source documents, you'll want to add them to a 1024x768 folio to get them to appear on the iPad2. If you create a 2048x1536 folio, it won't show up on the older iPads, even with v19 tools. Your best bet is to create renditions. Even then, we all expect a few bugs when the folios are displayed on the iPad 3 due to the inability to test the new model. The plan is to fix these bugs as soon as possible.


                                            For what it's worth, here's my plan for the DPS Tips app. When the v19 tools come out, I'll create a new version of my app (with hi-res images and splash screens and Bookmarks and Facebook enabled), and submit it to Apple. I'll also create two renditions for each folio -- one 1024x768 and one 2048x1536. For the 2048x1536 folio renditions, I'll use the current 1024x768 source files uploaded in 2048x1536 folio size. When I have time, I'll replace the 1024x768 source files with 2048x1536 sources files as necessary.


                                            As Bob L. pointed out, we don't know what the scaled up content is going to look like on the iPad 3. My guess is that it will be pixelated. I also assume that hi-res folios are going to look great.

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                                              Tomek Kuczborski Level 4

                                              I am more optimistic here. I think it will look exactly as it would on iPad 1,2.

                                              Four (2x2) new pixels will represent one old pixel.


                                              And hi-res stuff is going to look great. Especially text.



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                                                BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                                                We’re going to find out real soon, aren’t we?





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                                                  Ronald D. Pate, Chickasaw Level 1

                                                  Thanks Bob. Hadn't thought of the dual folio method. Doing that now by mistake. I didnt create a new folio, just used the original 1024 Folio. Will swap it out later I guess. Guess thats why its working currently. The larger file size make things appear a tiny bit crisper on the ipad 2 screen. At least to the eye. V. 19 will help I am sure.



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                                                    From my experience with the iPhone 4 vs iPhone 3, I expect icons etc to look pretty crappy but images to be passable. My main concern is going to be text. The issue is not how it compares to what it looks like on iPad 2 but how it compares to text on other apps within the iPad3.


                                                    What about folio sizes? Are we looking at doubling them for the new resolution? Folio for iPad 1 = 300mb,  for iPad3 = 600mb?

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                                                      fredericbotton Level 1

                                                      If only maths should speak, doubling the resolution multiplies number of pixels by 4.

                                                      Thus 300mb become 1,2Gb...

                                                      My folios already weight 500mb on iPad 1-2. Jeezzz..

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                                                        BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                                                        I think the best thing to do is sit back, take a deep breath and wait for the thing to ship. I’m as anxious as anyone to know what’s going to happen but right now it’s all guess work and theory.




                                                        We can start testing on Friday.





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                                                          carlosgarro Adobe Community Professional

                                                          I can't wait to see about your tests!


                                                          P.S. Nice to meet you in SJC!

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                                                            Fernando Carreira Jr Level 1

                                                            Tomorroy is the day, New iPad on the way.

                                                            Let's see.

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                                                              Jacques Letesson

                                                              Today, was my first lecture on Digital Publishing at the design school where I teach.


                                                              During my presentation, I was speaking about the size of the document in inDesign for iPad publication.


                                                              Then one of my student raised his hand and ask "Sir, what about the new iPad ? Is this going to work... ?"


                                                              Hopefully, I explained them that Digital Publishing is evolving (mutating) and that's the beauty of it...


                                                              My answer was then "I'm sure they (adobe) will find a way of making it work properly...".


                                                              I cross my fingers for tomorrow.

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                                                                Bob Bringhurst - Adobe Adobe Employee

                                                                We just got the new iPad 3 devices today and started testing. Unfortunately, all viewers created with the Viewer Builder -- both custom viewers and the Adobe Content Viewer -- enable only 1024x768 folios, not 2048x1536 folios. A hot fix is planned for early next week. Until this Viewer Builder hot fix comes out, I recommend that you hold off on submitting a custom viewer to Apple.


                                                                In my testing, I found that 1024x768 content looks remarkably good on the iPad 3. Images and interactive overlays scaled up just fine. The only problem I see is that when you compare body text between hi-res content, the low-res text looks relatively fuzzy on the iPad 3.


                                                                I think the best approach -- once the Viewer Builder hot fix takes place -- is to create hi-res and lo-res renditions based on the same 1024x768 sources files. If necessary, you can use the Layers panel to show/hide lo-res and hi-res interactive overlays. More on this later.

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                                                                  adobechr Level 1

                                                                  Yeah, I put my folio on my new iPad (3) and was a little surprised how *almost* clean it looked. Unfortunately my folio is being built as a design portfolio so my A.D.D will kick in and I will have to do the whole thing over.


                                                                  Darn, some of those files were sweetened at a 1024 level—so I will have to do a lot of work to redo those images.


                                                                  Secondly, I did notice that most website on the iPad look horrible....    all the text looks AWESOME, but all those 72ppi images have to be stretched to match the retina high display, It kind of is disconcerting and a problem I didn't think would be there.



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                                                                    Moodring Level 1

                                                                    Took a look at some of our folios on an iPad 3 today.

                                                                    The finer type looks a bit rough, but overall not as bad as I was expecting.

                                                                    My big disappointment was that text in folios with PDF compression did not look better when viewing pages at normal size.

                                                                    Only when you zoom in on an area does the display refresh itself with razor sharp retina display text.

                                                                    Can anyone comment on how the v19 viewers will handle PDF folios on an iPad 3?


                                                                    Switching gears:

                                                                    What are the technical limitations of the content viewer handling vector images?

                                                                    Why all the rasterization to begin with? What about PDF/SVG as an underpinning?

                                                                    It would be great if all my vector content remained thus.

                                                                    Was this the plan with Conde Nast before Flash on iPad became an issue?

                                                                    • 33. Re: iPad 3 on the way

                                                                      Hi Bob,


                                                                      You seem to be the right person to ask.


                                                                      I'm currently a college student participating in a group collaborative project this semester—we're attempting to design and release an interactive iPad magazine using Adobe's Digital Publishing Suite. At the moment we're only looking to release a single-edition magazine. There are quite a few of us within the class that would love to support all the iPads, including the latest 3rd generation. Although we're wondering if this will be possible in our case—as we can't afford a multi-issue account that supports the renditions feature. I very muched liked your suggestion to output 2048 and 1024 source materials in two different folios, until I found out the plan we have currently limits our ability to do that.


                                                                      Will single-edition users be stuck publishing to either iPads 1 & 2, or iPad 3? If there is any way we can publish single-issue content at the higher resolution of iPad 3 and have that scaled down somehow to at least work on iPad 2, that would be preferred.


                                                                      I'm pretty new to Adobe's Digital Publishing world, sorry if I'm misunderstanding something.


                                                                      Thanks for your help!

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                                                                        Irene Gough Level 1

                                                                        Any word on file sizes?

                                                                        • 35. Re: iPad 3 on the way
                                                                          Bob Bringhurst - Adobe Adobe Employee

                                                                          Paul - When you create a Single Edition app, you should create a 1024x768 folio. Test it on the iPad 3 to make sure it looks OK. Pay specific attention to text.


                                                                          David - What do you mean by files sizes?

                                                                          • 36. Re: iPad 3 on the way
                                                                            Bob Bringhurst - Adobe Adobe Employee

                                                                            The Viewer Builder bug was fixed. All viewers you create in the Viewer Builder now display 2048x1536 folios.

                                                                            • 37. Re: iPad 3 on the way
                                                                              otherfletch Level 1

                                                                              Thanks Bob for your help, I'm doing my best to get up-to-speed with this new form of publishing.


                                                                              At the moment we don't have a paid account (gathering funds), and can't build a custom Content Viewer, we're waiting on Apple to approve the new version you guys submitted.


                                                                              We've been creating 2048 by 1536 articles (assuming everything will look great on your new content viewer that supports the higher resolution). As of right now we're pushing them out to 1024 x 768 folios per your suggestion (for testing). While the text looks great on iPad 2, it's extremely pixilated on iPad 3.


                                                                              I assume this will be fixed once we're up and running with version 19 of Adobe Viewer? Viewing iPad 3 folios on the iPad 3.


                                                                              Please forgive me if I rehash an old question, but I'm still confused about what exactly is the preferred route for Single Edition publishers to get content on both iPads (2 & 3). It is my undersetanding only Pro/Enterprise accounts are allowed to build renditions (1024 and 2048 folios). As someone purchasing a Single Edition license are we restricted to only publishing in one format, 1024 (upscaling to iPad 3) or 2048 (downscaling to iPad 1 & 2)?


                                                                              Thanks so much for your help, I'm doing my best to understand.

                                                                              • 38. Re: iPad 3 on the way
                                                                                Irene Gough Level 1

                                                                                Just wondering if HD renditions for the new iPad do actualy increase the folio sizes four-fold.

                                                                                • 39. Re: iPad 3 on the way
                                                                                  Johannes Eckert Level 4

                                                                                  I'm doing detailed tests on file size and performance right now and will

                                                                                  come back with results in a few minutes.



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