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    Flash-based facebook games won't load?

    zdsowg Level 1

      For the past two weeks or so, my favorite games on facebook won't load... I'm running Windows Vista with Internet Explorer 9, and I have the latest versions of flash and shockwave.  I've gone through the entire document at Flash Support and fixed everything they suggest.  When I try to load the game, I can see the frame for the game, but the "movie" part of the window is just blank.  Right-clicking on it shows a message that says "Movie not loaded".  This is the case for most (but not all) of my Facebook games, from more than one company.  Before this, they were lagging horribly, and now they won't load at all.  But it's not happening with ALL of the games, just most of them.  And YouTube, etc. works fine.


      And, just to be ornery, if I logout of my computer's regular user and then login as Administrator, the games load and everything seems to work fine... 


      I've checked everything I can think of as far as Facebook Settings, computer settings, etc, and I can't find anything that would be blocking those games.  But obviously something's blocked, otherwise it wouldn't work for the administrator... 


      Any idea what the problem might be?  I'm not techie enough to know what else to check.....




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          chris.campbell Adobe Employee

          Hi Z,

          I've seen this happen myself so I'm going to ask around and try and get to the bottom of it.  I suspect it's a problem with the website, since in my case I was able to use YouTube and other flash content without any problem.  Can you try installing Chrome on your standard account and seeing if that allows you to play the Facebook game?  Also, what game is this?




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            zdsowg Level 1

            Yeah, I'm only seeing the problem on Facebook.  YouTube, Adobe, and those silly videos Mom sends me all play just fine (Iike it or not).  But on Facebook, games like WildWestTown (Clipwire), Farmtown, Pawnstars (Fifth Column Games) Bubble-Witch Saga (King.com), Ravenskye City (Lolapps), and a few others won't load.  Meanwhile, Words with Friends (Zynga) and Triple Town (Spry Foxe/Playdom) work just fine. 


            I'm out of ideas -- what's happening???  No, I haven't tried it with Chrome -- for various reasons, I need to find a solution for IE.  I'll try it with Chrome this weekend, but alternate browsers are not the solution I'm looking for -- especially since the games work on IE on my administrator account.


            Thanks for your help!


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              Marilyn126 Level 1

              I too am having HORRIBLE problems with my flash player on Zynga games(namely Yoville) on Facebook.  I haven't had any problems using either Chrome or Firefox until the upgrade of Flash Player over a week ago.  The screen has blocks of the page jumping around.  The problems started on Chrome...I was still able to get on Yoville using Firefox, but now that doesn't work either.  I have spent hours and hours trying to find answers on the web.  I have contacted Zynga and did all of the troubleshooting they suggested (uninstalling Yoville, rebooting, and adding it again via Facebook) it didn't work. I tried several different settings on my Device Manager as suggested on a different Adobe forum questions.  I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling Flash player several times and have also tried downloading an older version of Flash...all to no avail.  The problems I am having are only on my laptop...not the desktop computer. 


              ANY suggestions would be most appreciated. 



              Thank you,



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                angeline80 Level 1

                i have vista and ie 9 ! i have the same problem as you at all ! fedup cos i cant reply any requested to all of my frens ! someone help !

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                  chris.campbell Adobe Employee


                  Are you comfortable using the registry editor on Windows?  If so, take a look at the following post and give this a try.  If you'd rather not mess with the registry, please contact me at ccampbel@adobe.com.






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                    chris.campbell Adobe Employee

                    Marilyn and Angeline,

                    Could you try clearing your Flash Player cache to see if that helps resolve the problem?  You can do this by going to your Flash Player control panel, then clicking the Delete All... button in the Storage tab.  If that doesn't help, please create a new thread and include your OS, browser and flash player version.  Also include URL's to the games that you are having issues with.  Any screenshots or video that you can include would also be helpful.




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                      Marilyn126 Level 1

                      Hi Chris and Angeline,



                      After many hours of trying things and searching on the internet, I tried doing several things and found something that worked!



                      1. Uninstall Flash



                      2. Uninstall Shock wave



                      3. Uninstall Chrome



                      4. Reboot computer



                      5. Re install Flash



                      6. Re install Shock wave



                      7. Re install Chrome



                      I'm not exactly sure why this combination worked, but I am now all able to play all of my Zynga games with no problems whatsoever. Hopefully, this may work for you also, Angeline :o)



                      Marilyn :o)


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                        hehet Level 1

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                          Critters444 Level 1

                          I have had over a week of nightmares not being able to play games.  I have done everything I've read about and been suggested on every website I've been to and nothing worked.


                          Somebody mentioned unticking something on Real Player - tried that and it didn't work but I started to wonder what the connection was between Real player and Flashplayer.  Just because I was out of every other idea and fed up with installing, uninstalling, changing browsers, blah, blah, I decided to set Real Player in the Preferences - Hardware bit from Best Quality down to Lowest CPU usage and just for good measure I set Video Card Compatibility down from Best Performance down to Most Reliable and, wonder of wonders, all my games are working!! 


                          Is this co-incidence?  Is there any logic to it?  I'm not a "Techie" just a home user who seems to have stumbled on a fix for my problems and hope it may work for someone else.