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    Add Event Listener to Attached Movie Clip (Simulated Flash Popup)




      I created a movie clip (mcPopup), deleted it from the stage, and set it to export for ActionScript. I then set up the movie to attatch the clip to the stage and then load a JPEG image into it. Now, I need to be able to let the viewer dismiss the popup, but I cannot figure out how to add an event listener to the movie clip. I tried several different ways, but the popup doesn't seem to be clickable and doesn't respond to clicks (perhaps the image is in the way?) Here is what I have for the code for the thumbnail the visitor clicks to open the popup:


      on (release)
          _root.attachMovie("mcPopup", "popup_mc",  _root.getNextHighestDepth());
          _root.popup_mc._y = 100;
          _root.popup_mc._x = 75;
          _root.popup_mc.loadMovie("images/GriphonTripodfrontviewjpg(Medium).jpg", this);