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    Director crashes

    Alastair Duncan
      I have been using Director since version 7 or earlier and never had any significant problems. Now I am finding both Director 10 and 11 are crashing repeatedly - it's driving me insane I have checked everything I can think of and all the recommended Adobe solutions. I am running a MacBook Pro with 2 Gigs of RAM and plenty of free hard drive, OS 10.5 (Leopard) and Director 11. I also have a MacMini with 2 gigs of RAM, 17 gigs of free space and system 10.4 (PowerPC rather then Intel processor). Both systems have been reinstalled and disks checked,

      I have usually produced CDs with Director set to 800 x 600 and had no problems. The current project is animation to be output to video (768 x 576) and also, more interactively and in small clips, as a Director movie. I have been managing by saving after almost every move I make but still find that the program crashes frequently on playback.

      Can anybody help?
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          Level 7
          Is it just this one dir file that crashes constantly? Or is it anything
          you have open in Director? Does it crash if you make a new file and
          work on it for a while?

          It may be that your dir is corrupt (or there is a programming error). It
          may also be that your installation of Director is bad. To distinguish,
          you need to know if the problem happens in only the one file or all files.
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            Alastair Duncan Level 1
            It happens in all files and on both systems!
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              liveoak Level 1
              Is the project crashing when you play it inside the authoring environment? What happens in the debugging window? If it crashes out of the degugger, have you tried activating the trace feature in the message window?

              I once had an ancient director movie (D4, I believe) get corrupted. Had to recreate a new file using elements from the corrupted movie. Could you revert to a backup of the dir file from before the crashing started, to test this possibility?