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    Problem sorting list with virtual layout = false (and also with true)




      I've a problem sorting a list... or better... I've a problem showing the sorted list ;-)


      I've a list of xml item. The list is shown with an item renderer.


      my needs: a button to refresh data and a button to sort data.


      useVirtualLayout = false

      -> refresh works correctly, sort does not affect the view (even if the list is sorted correctly when printed with trace)


      useVirtualLayout = true

      -> sort works correctly, refresh reverse the list each time I press it (even if the list remain the same when printed with trace)



      does any one have an idea?

      thank you!!




      <s:List dataProvider="{xmlListCollection}" width="100%" itemRenderer="myRenderer" minHeight="0" id="test" useVirtualLayout="false" >


        <s:VerticalLayout clipAndEnableScrolling="true"/>




      XML example

      <unit sortField1="First Floor" sortField2="7">



          <name>PIFFARETTI Vasco</name>


          <beginDate>2012-02-25 08:55:00</beginDate>

          <endDate>9999-12-31 00:00:00</endDate>