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    Setting up additional script directories


      Hi - I work for a company with a sizeable number of texture artists. I've been creating a set of photoshop helper scripts for them to use, and I'm trying to figure out how to get photoshop to detect it automatically.


      The way that I see noted all over the Internet is to simply put the .jsx script into the Presets\Scripts directory. While this does work, it's unwieldy in our environment (specifically, it requires me to tell the texture artists that there's an update and have them copy the scripts into the folder, which is a recipe for out-of-sync scripts and sadness).


      Ideally, I'd like to be able to simply check the files in to our source control (at, say, OURPROJECT\art\photoshopscripts\*.jsx) and somehow tell Photoshop to also load scripts from that location, so that it would always be loading the scripts without any manual copying involved by the art teams.


      Is such a thing possible? Bonus points if it can be done via an environment variable.





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          On a Windows System I do it by adding a link(Windows Shortcut) to my Script tree into Adobe Photshop Install tree folder "C:\Program Files\psVersion\Presets\Scripts". Warning on a windows 7 64 system do not build you Script tree in Windows   C:\Program Files\  Tree if you use both the 64bit and 32bit Photoshop versions.   For when you run the 32 bit version of Photoshop even though the shortcut you added is to C;\Program Files\xxx something in the system substitutes "Program Files (x86)".


          I have never tried using a network drive. I think it would work however using a remote disk may very well slow down Photoshop's start up process. Photoshop seems to process the Script tree during start up.  It creates a script list it displays when one uses menu File>Scripts and It also look at the scripts to see if any are Plug-in scripts like Conditional Mode Change and Fit Image.  If you have alot of scripts that a lot of network trafic each time Photoshop is started by someone.  I think you would be better off find a process to push|Pull updates onto users machines,  Photoshop seems to pick up the changes that are made to scripts when its running. Running from a local disk would also be better for performance. However Plug-in scripts may not work if updated and there was a change made to its dialog t which change deleted or added setting.


          Photoshop can use script from any folder but only scripts in Photoshop Presets\scripts tree including following links. Will be listed in menu File>Scripts. Links must be present when Photoshop starts for script to be included into Photoshops script list. Note also some scripts like plug-in scripts get listed in menu File>Automate.  Othere scripts can be browsed to or be execute from actions the have their browsed to location recorded into the action. Actions are not loaded automaticly and not automaticly updated when shared by users. A copy is use fow when a User loads an Action set a copy is made into ther Photoshop Preferences. Id a Action ises a script the script is not copied the action only has its name or Full path recorded in the action not the script itself.


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