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    Wall of Multiple Screens


      I've taken a single 1080p Image, sliced it into a few dozen smaller rectangles, made each into their own 3d composition and tiled them to create a sphere in 3d space.


      Now all of those rectangles in their totality add up to a single 1080p rectangle, but I need zoom in on these mini screens and have them display full 1080p videos and wanted to know if there are any tricks to doing this with what I've already made using a technique that eludes me as opposed to reconstructing the project at a much more massive scale.

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          Well, you can simply increase the size of the pre-comps again and inside those comps use a square box wipe effect (which you can easily build from linear wipes) to reveal the layer in its full beauty.... Could even be tied to expression control sliders. Same if you intend on scaling...