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    Workflow question for PPRO CS 5.5

    UlfLaursen Level 2



      I have a question to a specific workflow for PPRO CS 5.5, Windows.


      I do like this:


      Put a videoclip to the timeline

      Shorten the right side by 30 sec. to cut off the last part.

      Put another videoclip right next to the first one, and this clip I leave as it is, so it is full lenght.


      Now my question is:


      I want to fade the first clip to black for the last 5-6 visable sec. and then go to the next clip, but here is where my trouble is.


      If I leave the two clips snapped together the transition (dissolve or dip to black) will go on the right side of the cut, and fade out in the "hidden" part of the first clip, so to say, which basicly is ok, but not what I want.

      I want the last 5-6 sec. visable video to fade out, and the only way I can get it is by dragging the two clips appart a few sec. before adding the transition.


      It is a bid hard to explain, but I hope you guys do understand what I mean.


      Maybe it is just so by design?


      Thanks for any input.