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    Catalogue Image Thumbnail Size

    mario_gudelj Most Valuable Participant



      Does anybody know if there's a way to automatically create thumbnail images for the catalog thumbnails? I feel like I've tried everything and have been searching for threads on this topic but found nothing.



      Here's what I'm doing:



      <div class="shop-catalog clear">

          <h4>{ tag_name}</h4>

          <div class="image"><img src="{tag_image_value}?Action=thumbnail&Width=50&Height=50" /></div>




      Oh, and I've tried the tag both with and without the _value in it. Neither works.






      There is no _value for catalog images or products and you can not use the thumbnail code on them. The catalog image is intended to be just a small image size, so you'll need to resize your images to appropriate size before uploading them.