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    Some thoughts on new features and workarounds

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      Hey Gang,


      I am a recent FCP7 convert, actually used to use PPro up unitl 2005. A couple things have really bugged me and I think that these requests may be helpful to some of you or perhaps you know an easy workaround.


      One thing that is annoying is the lack of "Apple" keystrokes in the MacOS version. For isntance when trying to select multiple clips with the selection tool I am unable to hold down the Apple key to add additional clips to my selection.


      Secondly, we should have the option to when using paste attributes, to select what attributes we want to paste. I like going through a project adjusting volume throughought and then applying color correction. Many times I'll want a whole scene to use Magic Bullet Looks but I cannot copy and then "Paste Attributes" without changing all the audio as well. You can tell PPro what effects to remove but not to paste. Yes I can nest the sequence and apply the Magic Bullet Looks to the nested sequence, but that makes fine tuning additional clips more difficult.


      Why am I not able to cut an effect from the Effects Controls window or even drag and drop it onto multiple selected clips? That's another one that doesn't make sense. Again if I am color correcting and many clips need the same correction. I suppose I could create a million presets for all these things, but I don't want to clutter up my effects menu.


      In FCP I used to be able to rightclick a selected audio or video clip near an edit and find "Add Video/Audio Crossfade". Yes there is a shortcut for this but some times the dissovles show up on tracks that are highlighted on the left. This is another funny Premiere thing that I guess I'll get used to, but I am not sure why I need to highight the clip and the track when all I want to do is apply something to that clip?


      I won't even get into the stereo/mono track situation. That seems to have been covered all over the place.


      Just my 2 cents as I sit here editing away! Your thoughts?