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    flash builder 4.6 not seeing galaxy tab 7

    whyDontUCmyLogin Community Member

      i've been through a few tutorials but can't get Flex to see my Galaxy Tab.

      It finds Motorola Droid and runs the app on it.


      in the tablet, i turn on settings>>applications>>development>>usb debugging


      but in the tablet's tray, there is just a "USB connected" notice.  Clicking it does nothing.  There's no USB Debugging connected.


      the device doesn't show up in Flash Builder "run configurator"


      Is the Galaxy hobbled so you can't develop on it or something?


      My PC sees the mass storage device for the Tablet.  Do I need a driver?  Do I need to register the device to get a different driver for development?


      Do I need something called Kies?  Is it factory-installed?  Do I need to install AIR on the Tablet?


      -pulling my hair out.