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    Problem with aerender 5.5 - just finishes without error

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      we are trying to render some projects with aerender CS 5.5. We are using distributed rendering system, so we need to use aerender to give start and end frames and we want to specify the composition.


      However there is a problem that some frames doesn't get rendered every time from aerender. All project files so far renders perfectly from the GUI, so the problem is with aerender.


      Problem isn't with our distributed rendering system, because the behaviour is same if we manually call aerender from command line.


      Output of aerender: aerender loads project and then allocates maximum amount of memory and then just quits stating: "Finished Composition shot001" and "Total Time Elapsed: 0 Seconds". No frames were outputted.


      Behaviour is with both Windows 7 64bit and Mac osx 10.6 64 bit on multiple different computers. Some have 32GB memory, some 8GB memory.


      Only aerender parameters we are using are "-project", "-RStemplate", "-OMtemplate", "-comp", "-s", "-e", "-output"


      We are clueless where the problem could be. Anyone else experienced with similar behaviour?





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          Did you solve this? We're having a very similar problem, only that it outputs some frames sometimes, but only a fraction of the frames it's supposed to render. Like you, we get no error message. I read somewhere that AE might write useful output to the system.log instead of console, but that didn't happen in our case.

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            Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

            Without any more info on the specifics of the system and the projects that don't render, this is going nowhere...



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              I am having the same issue as danieln77. Render farm specs:  Windows 7 render nodes, Adobe CS5.5. 


              A look at the logs shows the failed frames hang up aerender at the point it is calling on the program but never gets beyond that... and then it indicates that the frame had been successfully rendered even though nothing was output. 



              Log for successful frame:

              C:\Windows\system32>"C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe After Effects CS5.5\Support Files\aerender.exe" -project "\\intrender\render\Sample_AE_Projects\Simple_Text_and_Video\Text_and_Video.aep" -comp "Text_and_Video" -s 3 -e 3 -output "\\intrender\render\Sample_AE_Projects\Simple_Text_and_Video\Output\Text_and_Video[####]. tiff" -v ERRORS_AND_PROGRESS

              aerender version 10.5x253

              INFO:After Effects: this project must be converted from version 10.0 (Macintosh 64) and will open as an untitled project. The original file will be unchanged.

              WARNING:After Effects warning: The file Text_and_Video[####].tiff from the output module Lossless does not have the correct file type extension.  The recommended extension is .tif. The file will render correctly, but the OS will not be able to identify the type of data it contains.


              PROGRESS: 8/13/2012 11:53:33 AM: Starting composition Text_and_Video.


              PROGRESS:  Render Settings: Best Settings

              PROGRESS:  Quality: Best

              PROGRESS: Resolution: Full

              PROGRESS:  Size: 1000 x 353

              PROGRESS:  Proxy Use: Use No Proxies

              PROGRESS:  Effects: Current Settings

              PROGRESS:  Disk Cache: Read Only

              PROGRESS:  Color Depth: Current Settings

              PROGRESS:  Frame Blending: On for Checked Layers

              PROGRESS:  Field Render: Off

              PROGRESS: Pulldown: Off

              PROGRESS:  Motion Blur: On for Checked Layers

              PROGRESS:  Use OpenGL: Off

              PROGRESS:  Solos: Current Settings

              PROGRESS:  Time Span: Custom

              PROGRESS:  Start: 0:00:00:03

              PROGRESS:  End: 0:00:00:03

              PROGRESS: Duration: 0:00:00:01

              PROGRESS:  Frame Rate: 30.00 (comp)

              PROGRESS:  Guide Layers: All Off

              PROGRESS:  Skip Existing Files: Off


              PROGRESS:  Output Module: Lossless

              PROGRESS:  Output To: \\intrender\render\Sample_AE_Projects\Simple_Text_and_Video\Output\Text_and_Video[####].t iff

              PROGRESS:  Format: TIFF Sequence

              PROGRESS:  Output Info: -

              PROGRESS:  Start Frame: 3

              PROGRESS:  Output Audio: -

              PROGRESS: Channels: RGB

              PROGRESS:  Depth: Millions of Colors

              PROGRESS:  Color: Premultiplied

              PROGRESS:  Resize: -

              PROGRESS:  Crop: -

              PROGRESS:  Final Size: 1000 x 353

              PROGRESS: Profile:  -

              PROGRESS:  Embed Profile: 


              PROGRESS: Post-Render Action: None





              PROGRESS:  0:00:00:03 (1): 1 Seconds

              PROGRESS: 8/13/2012 11:53:34 AM: Finished composition Text_and_Video.



              PROGRESS:  Total Time Elapsed: 1 Seconds



              Log for failed frame:

              C:\Windows\system32>"C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe After Effects CS5.5\Support Files\aerender.exe" -project "\\intrender\render\Sample_AE_Projects\Simple_Text_and_Video\Text_and_Video.aep" -comp "Text_and_Video" -s 4 -e 4 -output "\\intrender\render\Sample_AE_Projects\Simple_Text_and_Video\Output\Text_and_Video[####]. tiff" -v ERRORS_AND_PROGRESS

              aerender version 10.5x253



              As you can see for the failed frame, it doesn't look like any actual rendering is being done, even though the aerender exits with no errors.  Any info would be greatly appreciated!



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                BenjaminMarkus Level 4

                We need to know a lot more to help you. Please provide answers to the questions listed here: "FAQ: What information should I provide when asking a question on this forum?"

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                  patricktanna Level 1
                  • AE CS5.5 version  with latest updates
                  • Microsoft Windows 7 Professional 6.1.7601 SP1 Build 7601
                  • Project file is simple text animation
                  • Trapcode Suite, Magic Bullet Looks & Keying Suite installed
                  • Dell PowerEdge M610
                    • 2x 2.27GHz 6 cores
                    • 48GB RAM
                    • 148GB HD


                  Typically if a node is running more than one instance of aerender, only one of those renders will spit out a completed frame.  There have been instances where all instances spit out a frame, or none.. does not seem to be a reason.  All the nodes are identical hardware. The project render fines via both the AE interface and command line on each node.

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                    patricktanna Level 1

                    For those of you that are having the same problem, we've reserved all cores on a given node (we have 12 on each node) to render 1 frame.  This has fixed the "skipped frames" issue for us.


                    The question is, is aerender actually utilizing all 12 cores to render the frame?  Or is it only using one core even though out distributed rendering system is reserving all 12 cores for that one job?


                    Edit:  Found the answer to the above question... We are using all 12 cores of a node to render 1 frame.