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    Embeding .swf file in mobile project using <s:SWFLoader> getting error as illegalArgumentException.




      I am trying this code


      <s:SWFLoader id="Load" source="@Embed('assets/test.swf')" maintainAspectRatio="false" width="1024" height="748"/>


      It is working firn for test.swf .


      But i have one more swf of size 1 mb if i pass that as main.swf it is giving error as,


      Description Resource Path Location Type

      java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: symbol 2769 not defined SWFViewer.mxml /TestMobileEmbedSWF/src/views Unknown Flex Problem



      What could be problem ? Do my main,swf is wrong . This api has some limitation how do i embed this in other way.