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    color rectangle behind frame containing text wrapped around a picture


      Hi all


      I am using InDesign CS5.5. 


      My horizontal page contains three areas - left, centre, right.  Within in area I place either a text frame, or a picture, or sometimes a picture + text frame, where the text wraps around the picture.  In some instances, I would like the background of one of the area to appear either green or yellow. 


      I have tried creating a rectangle (or a rectangle frame) and colourizing it, and then placing it over the area.  If using one layer, I can then send to back and the text, or the picture, appears on top of the colour.  However, in the case of a frame containing text+picture with text wrapping around the picture, this has proved impossible, as the only thing that comes through is the picture - the text disappears completely - I can still select and see the container but the text simply vanishes.  So far, I have tried:


      - selecting all objects on page and grouping into 1

      - creating a new layer with only the coloured frame / box

      - sending to front the text / picture

      - sending the colour box to back...


      NOthing seems to work.  The only thing that seems to work is if I set the text frame options to 'ignore text wrap' , however, ths then messes up my page, as the text overwrites the picture, which I do not want...


      Can anyone suggest a fix?



      Sorry if this is longish, but I am new to InDesign so, I am explaining a little too much maybe....  Please, do bear my limited knowledge in responding


      Thanking you for your help