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    Feature film edited & sound within Premiere Pro CS5.5


      Dear friends,


      Last week I uploaded my first feature film Incursion to Youtube. It was completely edited with Ppro. Now I'm planning a 90 minute movie. Can Ppro handle this? Is the movie in this post well edited?



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          Jim_Simon Level 8

          This may be my own personal pet peeve but...a "feature film" is something that is released to theaters.  It comes from the early cinema practice of showing more than one film on the same ticket - like cartoons, serials, news reels, etc.  The "feature" was the main attraction, the longest running film of the group which received the bulk of the promotion.


          In this case, the best you can claim here is a "feature-length" film.


          (Granted, no real 'film' may have been used to create the work, but the term film is pretty ubiquitously interchangeable with the term movie, which does not define the origination method.  However, I still believe "feature film" defines the work as being released to cinemas, and that people whose work does not make it there should stop using that term to lend it a false credibility.)