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    Text layers disappeared. Please help!

    Calvin1509 Level 1

      Fireworks crashed while I was working on a pretty large file with multiple pages, each page with many states. When I open the file I only see about 20% of the text that had been saved. A HUGE amount of text is missing. When I open the file flattened in photoshop I see the first page of text that is gone in fireworks viewable in photoshop. That made me think that maybe there is data in the file that still knows what the text is but the text just isn't rendering correctly. When I go back into fireworks I do a "search and replace" for some of that text. Sure enough, it locates the missing text, highlights it, but still doesn't show the actual text. If I copy the invisible text and paste it in another document it does save to my clipboard and paste.


      So what I am left with now is a file that I have some hope of knowing that deep within the code structure of the file knows that my text is there but it wont display the text at all. If I ungroup the layers the layers that are supposed to have text do not show a text icon.


      Is there ANY creative way you can think of that I could get these pages and pages of text back? If I export all the states as PNGs I don't see the text either. Any creative ideas would be GREATLY appreciated.

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          groove25 Level 4

          This is a total shot in the dark, but... Do you use font management software?


          I was just recently working with Linotype FontExplorer X (v.1.2.3), experimenting with font activation. I found that de-activating a font used in a Fireworks text box would cause the text box to seemingly disappear and even cause the application to crash. However, I was able to significantly improve performance by adding Fireworks to a list of applications within the font manager, under Font Requests (within Preferences).


          It'd been so long since I'd initially set up the font manager, it never occurred to me to do this. But it made a huge difference. Might be worth trying.


          Font Requests.png

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            groove25 Level 4

            Looking at your question again, it sounds like you're able to copy and paste the "invisible text" into the clipboard and into a new document... so I'm a little confused why you don't take that approach.


            Otherwise, have you tried saving the file as a Photoshop PSD (under File > Save As...)? Or maybe you could try File > Export... and choose "HTML and Images". Once displayed in a browser, the text could be copied and pasted into a text editor. Finally, I was going to suggest that if you were able to select the text object—though maybe that's not an option—try viewing it inside FW's text editor (under Text > Editor...).

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              This just happened to me too! I have a site of close to 20 pages, Fireworks crashed on me when I was saving my latest changes, and when I reopened the file all the text layers in every page except for the master page were missing!


              This is about 75% of my site design, not to mention countless hours of content created by our marketing team that I can't get back.


              In the document preview in the Open dialog for the Fireworks File -> Open menu option I can see the text appearing in the thumbnails, but when I open the actual file the text is nowhere to be found, and they're not visible in the page layers at all. It's like Fireworks just deleted all my text layers.


              Seriously seriously hoping they are there somewhere and there's a fix to this, because unlike the post above, when I go to "Find and Replace" and enter text that should be there nothing comes up, however, when I open it in Photoshop, even though Photoshop only opens the Home Page (because it's the first page in the document) as a static png all the text is there. So it does look like the original poster said, that it's there hiding somewhere.


              Any ideas as to what caused this and how to fix it? Now I'm so afraid to keep using Fireworks!


              Or at the bare minimum, how can I open up all the pages so I can atleast see all the text and layouts to help me recreate the pages? Is there a way to open my Fireworks project page by page in Photoshop or some other previewing program?


              Thanks so much for your help really need it! Pulling my hair out!

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                Herbert2001 Level 4

                I hope you did save several versions? Software might crash while saving, so it's asking for trouble to keep working with the same file for the duration of a job. Save often, and save many versions.

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                  The same thing for me just now. Working on a multiple page file, and suddenly got a low memory error. I immediately went to save, then it hung and crashed. When I re-opened the file, about 50% of the text layers are now gone. No recovery file generated (they never work anyway.)


                  The way FW seems to work is that it keeps the presentation of the text cached somewhere for the purposes of previewing and generating thumbnails. But make no mistake, the text layers are gone. As soon as I click into a symbol to edit, the text disappears and the layers simply aren't there.


                  Because I'm well aware of FW's bugginess and constant crashing, I do save often. But still, I probably just lost 15 hours of work because I need to now go back to an earlier version and port over all of the copy, symbol by symbol. Yay.