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    Problem with Firefox 10.0.2, Flash Player and allowedHTMLdomains.txt

    samZas Level 1

      Hi all,


      I have a Flash Media Streaming Server 4.0 running for more than a year now.

      I protect the access to my server through the "allowedHTMLdomains.txt and allowedSWFdomains.txt feature"  (amongst other things...).

      We noticed that with Firefox 10.0.2 (last version) and Flash Player (last version) our customers can't connect anymore.


      In the admin console we can read things like :

           Authentication failed for pageurl: http://my.domain.com, rejecting connection from XXX.XXXXXX.XXX


      If i try from the same computer with another browser, i get

        Accepted a connection from IP:XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX, referrer: http://my.domain.com/myPlayer.swf, pageurl: http://my.domain.com/myWebPage.php


      In the logs i have lines like that :


           --> connection error :


      connectsession2012-03-0112:51:17CETXXX.XXX.XXX.XXXXXX.XXX.XXX.XXX6629219_defaultRoot__defaultVHost_vod_definst_0401XXX.XXX.XXX.XXXrtmpte(HTTP-1.1)2rtmpte://my.streamer.com/vodrtmpte://my.streamer.com/vod-http://my.domain.com/myPlayer.swfWIN 11,1,102,62470211256606584049530733106normal--------------------------





           --> connection successful:




      WIN 11,1,102,62470211366552713662430733073normal--------------------------




      I can't find any significant difference...



      I didn't change anything in my configuration since the beginning, and the application was working without probleme with every version of Browser/FlashPlayer untill now.

      I suppose this is a bug, from Firefox or FlashPLayer or FlashMediaServer.


      Is there anyone from Adobe that could help me to solve this or "workaround" this, knowing that i must use the security features.


      Thank you very much for your help!