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    Editing low-res proxy, then applying changes to high-res

    spdorsey6969 Level 1



        I'm developing one continuous image for a large wall that will be seen from about 1-2 feet viewing distance. It has to be about 100 dpi.


        My image is currently 21,600 x 8100 pixels at 8 bits CMYK. It may get bigger. I don't have to do much manipulation, but a lot of it is using brushes and the smudge tool.


      2 issues:


      1) I have a 12-core Mac Pro with 24GB RAM. The smudge tool is sloooooow when working on this image (like one smudge at max brush size takes 15-20 seconds to take effect).


      2) IS there a "warp mesh" tool that I can use in place of the smudge tool?


        Is there a way for me to edit a lower-resolution version of this image, then apply the changes I made to the high-res version? then I can use the smudge and brush tools and finessé my work without the machine bogging down, and the imagery will look correct. I'm looking for a way to use these tools more in real time while working with this big image.