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    Mac AND Windows Versions of CS5.5

    lightprism Level 1

      We are running the Mac version currntly. But we just picked up a Windows workstation to start transitioning from what appears to be an EOL'ed Mac Tower situation  (we need plenty of expansion slots for Multibridge Pro card and Dulce Raid cards, etc) not to mention where the OS is going


      We only have the license for CS5.5 on the Mac. We don't want to just drop the Mac license as we need to keep running while we get the Windows side of the whole workflow spot on. Also, we want to still be able to work with folks only comfortable on the Mac platform se we'd like to maintain it. So:


      1. Is there is discount price structure for folks wanting to run CS5.5 on BOTH platforms?


      2. With NAB and the high likelyhood of a potential CS6.0 arriving or announcing, is it wise to wait until after NAB to pull the trigger for an added Windows license?